Safarize (speculative mock-design)PROJECT INFO:
In this digital age, people love taking selfies and sharing their experiences online. Safarize takes this idea to the next level where users can challenge their friends and strangers from across the world in taking photos specifically to that region. Users can then send these photos to complete challenges, as well as message them.


  • Users need a stimulating, easy to navigate user-interface in order to enrich their time on the app.
  • A striking and unique visual identity that would set it apart from other social media apps.
  • Seamlessly incorporate elements of fitness and fun.


  • Conduct research through wire-frame prototypes and taking cues from different social apps. 
  • Expand on visual identity through a new information hierarchy and color theory.
  • Variations of challenges can be added, alongside prizes.



  • Orange became our signature color as to distinguish ourselves from other social media apps.
    • #ff8d09
    • RGB: 255, 141, 9
    • CMYK: 0, 54, 100, 0
  • Letter Gothic STD is used for the main “safarize” logo. 
  • Segoe UI Semilight and Semibold is used for for the app itself, with both font styles having enough weight difference between them to allow a consistent flow of hierarchy.

View App Wireframe