Video Game Development Association (CSULB school club)


The Last Arrow is a free PC/mobile game completed by the Video Game Development Association at Cal State Long Beach, a club where students gather together to create video-games. Players take control of Xun, a lone archer who must fight waves of demons by catching incoming arrows and firing them right back!


  • Taking inspiration from Asian sumi brush strokes, the logo is suppose to represent the last pivotal moment for our protagonist. Deep, vibrant warm colors were used to express this, representing the flames of war. The backdrop can be interpreted as either an arrow or as a mountain.
  • Early in development, the game was originally called “The Last Stand”. The title was later changed to “The Last Arrow” to avoid being associated with a terrible X-Men sequel. I worked with Michael Clute for this logo.


  • The same Asian sumi-brush stroke that inspired the logo influenced the overall font as well